Brief History and Purposes

After applying to the Ministry of Education for establishment in 2006, our institute was permitted to be formally inaugurated in 2007, for the purposes of corresponding with the movement of the state’s overall oceanic affairs, and cultivating personnel of oceanic culture construction, such as fundamental research of oceanic culture, innovations of cultural industries, local culture teaching, and international exchange of cultures.

Development Focuses

The foundation of our institute aims at an overall research in the matters and phenomena of “Oceanic Culture” with its wholeness and multiplicity, and then contributes to the construction of cultural theories and creative practices of cultural industries.

For the above purposes, our institute invites not only the faculties of College of Humanities and Social Sciences and other institutes in National Taiwan Ocean University but also the noted scholars from Academia Sinica and other schools for teaching and consulting. Our institute’s development directions and focuses mainly lie on two fields, “History of Oceanic Culture” and “Oceanic Literature,” in expectation of being able to broaden a new sphere featured by ocean on personnel training of cultural research and industries.

Curricular Features

Our Institute takes two fields, “History of Oceanic Culture” and “Oceanic Literature,” as the main directions, focusing on:

  1. History of Oceanic Culture
    1. Culture of Port Cities and Coastal Areas
    2. Overseas Immigrants and Cultural Exchange
    3. History of Oceanic Trade and Communications
    4. History of Oceanic Science and Technology
    5. Sea Gods/Goddesses Worship and Folklore
    6. Industries of Oceanic Culture (Oceanic Museum, Tourism and Recreation, Cultural Creativity)
  2. Oceanic Literature
    1. Sino-Western Literature
    2. Immigrant Literature
    3. Overseas Chinese Literature